The JIVD and ERCA organizations are delighted to announce that their second joint meeting will take place in Lyon, France from the 26th to the 28th of March 2015.

JIVD for its 14th edition is back in Lyon!

Following on from the success of our respective meetings (from 1989 for JIVD and 2004 for ERCA) and of our first joint venture held in Barcelona (2012) we are working closely together to make our next joint congress even more successful. Our aim is to propose a convivial gathering which will be of great scientific and professional interest to all health professionals – physicians, allied health professionals, technicians, and home care providers – with an interest in respiratory care from the acute setting to home mechanical ventilation.

We were able to rely on the support of an international advisory board not only to elaborate a scientific program reflecting the specificities of each organization but also to organize some joint sessions.

The meeting is open to patients for whom a specific and original program will be organized.

We again look forward to uniting our experience in order to optimize our resources and achieve our common goals of promoting knowledge and understanding of respiratory concerns in order to ensure optimal patient respiratory care.

We rely on your participation to make the most of this platform for exchanging knowledge and expertise to the profit of all.

We look forward to welcoming you in large numbers to the wonderful city of Lyon where many changes have occurred since the last JIVD meeting. For you to discover!

J. Escarrabill, P. Léger, D. Robert
O. Contal, K. Grant, J. Jennequin, P. Joud
J. Escarrabill Sanglas (Barcelona, Spain)
B. Fauroux (Paris, France)
J. Gonzalez (Paris, France)
N. Hill (Boston, USA)
J.P. Janssens (Geneva, Switzerland)
P. Léger (Lyon, France)
B. Make (Denver, USA)
D. Orlikowski (Paris, France)
C. Rabec (Dijon, France)
D. Robert (Lyon, France)
O. Contal (Lausanne, Switzerland)
K. Grant (Lausanne, Switzerland)
J. Jennequin (Lyon, France)
P. Joud (Lyon, France)
M. Norrenberg (Brussels, Belgium)
N. Ambrosino (I)
J.R. Bach (USA)
J.O. Benditt (USA)
J.C. Borel (F)
M. Chatwin (UK)
A. Cuvelier (F)
S. Diaz Lobato (SP)
M.W. Elliott (UK)
P. Ergün (TUR)
R. Farré (E)
R. Goldstein (CND)
M.R. Gonçalves (PT)
C. Gregoretti (I)
D. Hess (USA)
O. Jonquet (F)
M.J. Kampelmacher (NL)
B. Make (USA)
J.F. Masa (SP)
D.A. McKim (CND)
B. Midgren (S)
J.F. Muir (F)
S. Nava (I)
O. Norregaard (DK)
J.L. Pepin (F)
C. Perrin (F)
Z. Szkulmowski (PL)
B. Schönhofer (G)
E. Servera (SP)
A. Simonds (UK)
M. Toussaint (B)
A. Viannello (I)
P. Vijkstra (NL)
M. Vitacca (I)
P. Windisch (G)
T. Andersen (N)
B. Belmondo (CH)
A. Brivio (I)
A. Castanyer (SP)
J-C. Schabanel (F)
M. Chatwin (UK)
Q. De Halleux (CH)
P. Delguste (B)
G. Ferreyra (I)
O. Fondenes (N)
P. Frigerio (I)
M. Gonçalves (P)
C. Hernandez (SP)
B. Hov (N)
P. Jolliet (CH)
M. Lazzeri (I)
D. Lopez-Fernandez (SP)
H. Markussen (N)
P. Navalesi (I)
M. Nygren- Bonnier (S)
C. Ottoson (S)
R. Pirttimaa (FI)
L. Ptacinsky (I)
E. Repossini (I)
G. Reychler (B)
A. Rios (SP)
M-D. Schaller (CH)
M. Sommariva (I)
B. Steffensen (DK)
A. Thomas (UK)
M. Toussaint (B)
S. Zuffo (I)

Congress venue: Cité Centre de Congrès, 50 quai Charles de Gaulle. This modern Convention Centre designed by Renzo Piano, is a veritable events complex where all amenities are built-in. Nestling between Parc de la Tête d'Or and the Rhône, it is conveniently located close to the centre of Lyon.

Are invited to attend: medical doctors, nurses, therapists, ventilator users, technicians, pharmacists, manufacturers and suppliers.

Exhibition: all manufacturers, distributors, care suppliers and publishers interested in exhibiting can contact the congress secretariat for more information.

Hotel accommodation: Kuoni proposes all categories of accommodation on the web page : Hotel Accommodation

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Event ID Code to keep for the booking: 23738AF
More details here

ERCA – JIVD / 1st Joint International Meeting
Brigitte Hautier, Sylvaine Sazio
(Siège social : Hospices Civils de Lyon)
c/o B.A.L. Congrès, 7 rue Belfort
69004 Lyon (FRANCE)
Tél. +33 4 78 39 08 43 ou +33 4 72 07 17 62
Fax: +33 4 78 64 92 16 ou +33 4 72 07 17 74